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Check if html th is on focus
I want to find out wether my HTML Event is on focus (not if it is clicked but focused by navigating with the keyboard).
myElement === document.activeElement
is only true when the element is clicked but not when it's focused by keyboard navigation.
  var myElement = document.getElementById("myID");
  let myEvent = "";
  if (myElement=== document.activeElement){
     myEvent = "focus";

return myEvent;

<th id="myID" *ngSwitchCase="'validation'" tooltipEvent={{tooltip()}} pTooltip="I am a tooltip"
          tooltipPosition="top" [escape]="false"   [pSortableColumn]="column.field" [ngStyle]="">
            <div class="col-title">
            <span data-testid="column-validationl-header" class="ui-column-title" >Validation </span>
              <p-sortIcon [field]="column.field" *ngIf="column.sortable"></p-sortIcon>
any Ideas?

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Check if html th is on focus - von opti13403 - 27.09.2022, 09:14
RE: Check if html th is on focus - von rzscout - 28.09.2022, 09:40

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